Ballet classes at intermediate and above include a thorough study of ballet technique with full barre work, center work, and across-the-floor combinations. Children at the intermediate and advanced ballet levels will also study ballet history and French ballet terminology. Students will experience a steady progression of skills.


Pointe class furthers the development of the ballet dancers’ feet. Available to students with instructors’ permission only.


Tap class is another musical theater necessity and is also great fun for the active teen. The class emphasizes percussive rhythms of the feet.


Modern dance technique emphasizes freedom of movement and creativity while continuing to build body strength. Modern dance has become a necessary technique for aspiring professional dancers and is a wonderful outlet for recreational dancers as well. Students experiment with percussive rhythms and choreography.

Jazz/Hip-Hop Combination

Jazz/Hip Hop Combination class enables the student to study jazz, a popular upbeat musical theater technique that emphasizes suspension and fluidity, in addition to Hip Hop, a recently popularized dance form that is widespread among teens. The class is fun, upbeat, and provides a fantastic workout.